Ask Discovery Insure frequently asked questions

Joining Discovery Insure

How do I join Discovery Insure?

Call us directly on 0860 751 751 or speak to your financial adviser. Alternatively you can submit your details and we will call you back.

How do I update my details?

You can update your details and cover in one of three easy ways:

  1. Chat to your financial adviser
  2. Call us on 0860 751 751
  3. Email us at

Update your details as soon as they change to make sure you have the correct cover in place.

How does the Dynamic Plan work?

Discovery Insure’s new Dynamic Plan is ideal for price-sensitive clients who want to enjoy immediate benefits. Clients can get an upfront dynamic vehicle premium discount of up to 12%, based on their Vitality status. They can get an ongoing dynamic vehicle premium discount for driving well, or removal of the discount or a loading for poor driving behaviour.

The Dynamic Plan matches the Essential Plan in almost all aspects, the main difference being that a dynamic vehicle premium discount (or loading) replaces the Essential Plan fuel rewards, Excess Funder Account and 5 Star Days benefits.

Find out more about the Dynamic Plan here.

What do I need to know about selecting the right use of my car?

What your car is used for could influence your claims and cover

Giving us the correct information about what your car is used for is important – it helps us to determine your risk profile for theft or accidents seeing as these differ depending on what your car is used for. If the wrong details of what your car is used for is incorrect on your Plan Schedule, you may have to pay an additional excess when claiming. In fact, your claim may even be rejected.

There are different uses that your car can be insured for. You should indicate the one the car is used for most of the time on your Plan:

  • Private and professional: You should choose this option when you use your car for: 
    • Private transportation of others and yourself between home and your workplace.
    • Your car can occasionally be used for business (but not more than six occasions in a calendar month).
    • However, the transporting goods for business, trade or commercial purposes is excluded from this option.
  • Business: If you use your car mostly for work and occasionally (not more than six occasions in a calendar month) to carry goods for business or trade purposes, you can indicate this category on your Plan. However, transporting goods for commercial purposes is excluded from this category.
  • Commercial use: When you use your car to generate income, you are using it for commercial purposes. Examples of cars being used for commercial purposes include the transport and delivery of any trade goods (like a delivery service or courier) and transporting people (such as a taxi).

If a car is used for commercial purposes, we can’t insure it and would need to be placed on a commercial policy. If your car is being used for commercial purposes and you have a claim, it will be rejected by Discovery Insure. 

How to determine if your car is being used for commercial purposes 

To help you determine whether your car is being used for commercial purposes, please consider the questions below. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions, your car may be insured incorrectly and you might need to move your vehicle to be insured with a commercial insurer. If you have any doubt, please speak to your financial adviser or call us on 0860 751 751

Questions to help you check whether your car is being used for commercial purposes: 

  • Is your car being driven by one or several drivers who are employed by a company or individual who offers your car to the drivers to do their job?
  • Is your car used to transport passengers in exchange for payment?
  • Is your car used to transport any valuable goods, equipment items that are sold to others for financial reward? Examples include beauty products that are sold to clients and plumbing equipment (geysers, pipes) that gets delivered to customers.

If you need to make any changes to your Plan, please speak to your financial adviser, call us on 0860 751 751. You can also send us an email with all the details of what you need updated to, with your Plan number, initials and surname.

Vitalitydrive Active Rewards

How do I join Active Rewards?

Discovery Insure clients with Vitalitydrive will automatically be enrolled in the Active Rewards programme.

How will I know if I have qualified for an Active Reward?

You will receive an SMS when you reach your goal.

How long do I have to claim my reward?

You have two weeks to select your reward before it expires.

How do I redeem my rewards?

You can log in here or log onto the Discovery corporate app to redeem your reward.

You will need to choose between a parking voucher from admyt or KaChing, a discounted carwash from StopWash, a free smoothie from KAUAI, or a free coffee from vida e caffè.

How many Active Rewards can I get in a week?

You can only get one Active Reward a week for each primary driver.

What happens if I have a harsh event half way through?

If you have a harsh event, we will recalculate the kilometres from zero. This means your trip won’t count as an event-free kilometres and you will start working towards your 100 km event-free trips from zero again.

Vitalitydrive and DQ-Track

When and how will I get my Vitalitydrive card?

When and how you receive your Vitalitydrive card depends on the DQ-Track option you chose:

  • With the smartphone-enabled DQ-Track, you will get your Vitalitydrive card in your welcome pack when you pick up your Vitalitydrive Sensor at Tiger Wheel & Tyre.
  • If you chose the standalone DQ-Track, you will receive your card from the technician on the day of your installation appointment.

Once you have your Vitalitydrive card and have linked it to your Plan, all you have to do is swipe it at BP or Shell service stations when you fill up to earn your fuel rewards.

Not sure how to link your new Vitalitydrive card? Simply click here to link it.

What happens if I lose my Vitalitydrive card?

Replacement Vitalitydrive cards are available at your nearest  Glasfit branch.

What’s the difference between the standalone DQ-Track and the smartphone–enabled DQ-Track?

You can choose how you would like to measure your driving behaviour – with either the smartphone-enabled or standalone DQ-Track.

The smartphone-enabled DQ-Track gives you the opportunity to earn more DQ Points, more easily. It consists of the Discovery Insure app and our Vitalitydrive sensor device, and uses accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS data to measure your driving behaviour. It also gives you immediate trip feedback as well as detailed feedback on driving events including cellphone use, and the ability to compete with other drivers.

The Discovery Insure app is also available for the Apple Watch.

Learn more about the smartphone-enabled DQ-Track, including compatible smartphones, data charges and other costs, the app’s features and how it measures your driving behaviour. Read the Discovery Insure app’s privacy policy and terms of use.

The standalone DQ-Track is best if you don’t have a compatible Apple or Android smartphone.

Both options offer access to  safety features such as immediate emergency assistance when you’ve been in a severe accident and warnings of imminent bad weather, as well as the ability to earn DQ Points, so you can earn more  rewards.

A R150 activation fee is payable immediately when you choose your DQ-Track. This activation fee is at a Plan level, meaning that even if you have three vehicles on your Plan and choose to install a DQ-Track in all the vehicles, you will only pay one activation fee.

Stolen vehicle tracking and recovery is automatically included on both standalone DQ-Track and the smartphone–enabled DQ-Track for an additional once-off activation fee of R150 per Plan. To activate stolen vehicle tracking and recovery, you’ll need to pay an additional monthly fee of R75 per car per month.

Download more information about DQ-Track and its safety features.

How do I get a DQ-Track installed in my car?

When you join Vitalitydrive, you have the option of installing either the smartphone-enabled or standalone DQ-Track to get a Driver performance score and earn DQ Points. You will pay a R150 activation fee per Plan.

Smartphone-enabled DQ-Track

For the smartphone-enabled DQ-Track, you can collect your Vitalitydrive Sensor from your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre store. The Vitalitydrive sensor works with the Discovery Insure app to measure your driving behaviour.

Standalone DQ-Track

If you’re a Classic or Executive Plan client, we’ll come to a location of your choice to install the standalone DQ-Track. Essential Plan clients need to take their vehicle to their nearest fitment centre. If a fitment centre is not within a 50km radius, you will receive the mobile fitment option.

You’ll receive your Vitalitydrive card on installation.

You can make an appointment here to install your DQ-Track.

How do I know my DQ-Track is working?

Here are the ways to check your DQ-Track’s functionality:

Testing your standalone DQ-Track by SMS

  1. Create a new SMS on your cellphone.
  2. Type in the letter T or P.
  3. Using the international +27 number format, send the SMS to the DQ-Track cell tracking number given to you during installation.
  4. You’ll receive an SMS from DQ-Track confirming your car’s location within minutes.
  5. You may not receive the SMS immediately if your car is out of GSM coverage (for example, a remote area where GSM coverage is poor, like a parking basement).

Testing your standalone DQ-Track online with DQ Mapper

  1. Log in to here.
  2. A new window will appear. Click on ‘Access DQ Mapper’.
  3. A new window will appear showing both a map and a list of cars on your plan that have a DQ-Track installed.
  4. Click on any of these cars to see their location.

Testing your smartphone-enabled DQ-Track

You can see if your Vitalitydrive sensor is connected on the “My vehicles (Vitalitydrive sensors)” screen in “Settings” on an iPhone and on the ‘Active Vitalitydrive sensors” screen for Android. You’ll see this within the first 10 minutes of activation at the time of installation. To check if your Vitalitydrive sensor is connected at any other point, go to “About”, then “List Vitalitydrive sensors” on an Android device, and for iPhone, tap on “Account details” and then “Your cars”. You can also see if the Vitalitydrive sensor is connected while driving by seeing a green bar that says 'DQ Connected' on the Dashboard. This will only appear in driving mode.

How can I earn DQ Points?

Vitalitydrive members earn DQ Points for driving well, improving their driving knowledge and awareness and making sure their vehicle is safe to drive.

Download more information on how to earn DQ Points or map out your journey to Advanced Vitalitydrive status.

When will my DQ Points reflect?

DQ Points earned for different activities take different lengths of time to reflect on your Vitalitydrive Dashboard based on where we get the information from. 

The information below shows how long points take to show on your Vitalitydrive Dashboard for different activities:

Within 48 hours 

DQ Points will reflect on your Vitalitydrive Dashboard within 48 hours of completing: 

  • Online driver assessment

Within seven days 

  • Passing the Tiger Wheel & Tyre Annual MultiPoint check
  • Your service history being up to date

Within 14 days

  • A Discovery Insure driving course
  • EyeGym courses

After the end of each month

If you have completed an activity and your DQ Points have not been awarded in the time listed above, please email us at

Can my DQ-Track data be used to reject my claim?

The information from your DQ-Track will be used to measure your driving behaviour and track the location of your vehicle in the event of a severe incident.

We will not use information from your DQ-Track when approving claims. The only time we will use the data from your DQ-Track in the claims process is to verify the time and location of an incident.

If you are involved in an accident and want to use data from the DQ-Track to prove your innocence and claim money from a third party, we will help you do so too. Discovery Insure, however, will not use such information without your permission.

Can I join Vitalitydrive if I ride a motorcycle?

You can select Vitalitydrive for motorcycles if you have activated Vitalitydrive on your Discovery Insure Plan. Vitalitydrive for motorcycles is optional, even if Vitalitydrive is activated on the Discovery Insure Plan.

If your motorcycle is the only vehicle insured, you need to select household contents or buildings insurance cover or both for at least R250 000. You can select Vitalitydrive for motorcycles for an additional monthly premium.

Learn more about Vitalitydrive for motorcycles.

What is the DriveMe benefit?

What is the DriveMe benefit?

Discovery Insure is committed to keeping you safe on the roads. As a Vitalitydrive member, DriveMe offers you an affordable way of getting home safely after a big night out, you can avoid more than an unpleasant hangover.

With Discovery Insure, you have access to discounted, safe personal driver services at any time of the day with our DriveMe partners – Uber, Road Trip and Scooter Angels, who are available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Durban. Scooter Angels is also available in Bloemfontein, East London, George, Nelspruit and Pietermaritzburg.

Find out about DriveMe.

What happens if my Discovery Insure Plan is cancelled?

If your Discovery Insure Plan is cancelled, you will need to have your standalone DQ-Track removed from your car. If you choose not to have your standalone DQ-Track removed or if you do not contact us to arrange for it to be removed, you will need to pay a fee of R1 180. If you’ve installed the smartphone-enabled DQ-Track, you can simply discard it.

How does the vehicle panic button work?

If you have installed and activated the smartphone-enabled DQ-Track, you can make use of this panic button for in-vehicle emergencies. Simply press your smartphone’s power button repeatedly, in quick succession (at least five times), while your smartphone is connected to your Vitalitydrive sensor. An alert will be sent to Discovery Insure. The smartphone will vibrate and you will receive a notification to confirm that the alert has been sent.

A call centre agent will try to contact you or the names noted on your Plan and offer the necessary assistance. If they can’t get hold of you, they will immediately dispatch an emergency response team to assist with your vehicle emergency.

The call centre can:

  • Dispatch medical assistance;
  • Initiate recovery processes or towing services, depending on the incident.


When will my excess be waived?

In the event of theft, hijacking, fire, lightning, explosion, storm, water, hail, snow, flood, earthquake, or malicious damage, you will not have to pay any excess on motor claims. If you have DQ-Track installed and you are in a motor vehicle accident that is caused by an insured third party, you will not have to pay any excess. The no excess benefits only apply to you if you have the Classic Plan or Executive Plan.

You will also not have to pay an excess on household contents claims caused by theft (with visible forced entry), fire, lightning, explosion, snow, flood, storm, rain, hail, earthquake or malicious damage.

We’ll waive your specified portable possessions’ basic claim excesses if these items’ documents (proof of purchase and valuation) are stored in our Online Vault. If you’re a pensioner and older than 55 years, your vehicle excess will be waived. Complete details of the excess structure are available in the Excess Annexure.

How do I submit a claim?

Discovery Insure offers you a number of convenient, hassle-free ways to claim.

Learn more about how to claim.

How can I view the progress of my claim?

You can stay informed about the progress of your motor, household contents, buildings, or portable possessions claims online with  ClaimsView.

ClaimsView has several unique features, including, being able to see the status of your claim, access service provider contact details and with a motor claim, for example, view photographs of your vehicle as it goes through the repair process.

Read more about  ClaimsView.

How do FastTrack claims work?

FastTrack claims is available under the portable possessions section of cover. With FastTrack claims, your specified electronic devices such as cellphones, tablets or laptops will be replaced within 48 hours if the claim is an approved FastTrack claim. If we don’t meet these deadlines, we will waive the basic excess for the claim.

You can log your FastTrack claims on our website or on the Discovery Insure app.

Learn more about the terms and conditions of this benefit.

How do Xpress Repairs work?

Clients who submit their car’s minor damage claims online, will have their repairs completed within five working days of starting the repair. If we do not deliver on this promise, the next month’s premium for the damaged car is reimbursed.

Xpress Repairs criteria (else normal claims process applies)

  • Available to all clients after three months of cover.
  • Damage must be non-structural.
  • Only damages to two or less parts and four or less panels qualify.
  • Only accidental and collision damages less than R15 000 qualify.
  • Exclusions: Glass, mag wheels and pearl colour paint claims.
Why would my claim be rejected?

You need to read your Plan Guide carefully to know all the important events that will not be covered at claim stage.

How do I manage my plan?

You have a few options to update your Plan. Learn more about how to manage your Plan.

What must I do in an emergency?

To get help in an emergency, call 0860 999 911 and we will give you the assistance you need.

Young Adult benefit

Who qualifies for a Young Adult benefit?

The Young Adult benefit is exclusively available to drivers under the age of 26 years.

Learn more about the great rewards and benefits we’re offering young adult drivers.

How does the Rewards Fund work?

Once you have activated your Young Adult benefit, we will deposit 25% of your car insurance premium into your Rewards Fund. We will deposit this money into your Rewards Fund upfront for each six month period (25% x monthly premium x 6). The balance in your Rewards Fund will increase or decrease depending on your driving behaviour and how many kilometres you drive between 23:00 and 04:30. After six months the balance of your Rewards Fund will become available to you.

Can the balance of my Rewards Fund become negative?

Yes, your Rewards Fund can become negative but it won’t impact you as it will be reset to zero at the end of every six-month cycle. We won’t ask you to top up your Rewards Fund if your balance is negative.

How to protect your Rewards Fund?

Drive well and earn at least 300 DQ Points each month and avoid night time driving betweeen 23:00 and 04:30.

How will your premium adjust if you consistently drive late at night?

You may have a premium adjustment at the end of every six months, based on your kilometres of night-time driving over the previous six-month period:

Monthly average night-time kilometres Premium increases
0 - 50 0%
50 - 100 10%
100 - 150 15%
150 - 200 20%
200+ 25%

These premium adjustments are in addition to your annual premium review at your Plan anniversary and will apply for a period of six months only.

How can I increase the balance of my Rewards Fund?

You can boost your Rewards Fund each month based on your Vitalitydrive status:

Essential Classic and Executive
Drivers can increase their Rewards fund each month by driving
Base R-100 Base R-200
Neutral R0 Neutral R0
Engaged R25 Engaged R50
Advanced R100 Advanced R200

However, for every 1km that you drive your car between 23:00 and 04:30, while it’s insured by Discovery Insure, your Rewards Fund will decrease by R10. If you use our DriveMe benefit you will not have any money deducted from your Rewards Fund.

If I opt out of the Young Adult benefit before six months have passed, will I lose all the money I’ve accumulated?

Yes, you will lose all the money you’ve accumulated as the funds are only available after each six-month cycle.

Benefits and rewards

How to start earning fuel rewards?
  • Install your DQ-Track and drive well to get a driver performance score and earn DQ points.
  • You’ll receive your Vitalitydrive card on installation and activate your Vitalitydrive card on To earn rewards on your Gautrain, you need to link your Gautrain Gold card on
  • Swipe your Vitalitydrive card when you fill up at a participating BP or Shell service station.

Your monthly fuel rewards are based on your fuel and Gautrain spend and the number of DQ Points you earn. Each DQ Point you earn entitles you to get rewards on R1 of fuel spend at participating BP and Shell Service stations and money loaded on your Gautrain Gold card for the month.

How can I maximise my fuel rewards?

To maximise your fuel rewards percentage to up to 50%, you need to:

  • Insure your household contents and/or building with your car or motorcycle on your Discovery Insure Plan for at least R250 000.
  • Take your motor vehicle to Tiger Wheel & Tyre and pass an Annual MultiPoint check.
  Essential Plan car insurance Essential Plan car and home insurance Classic and Executive Plan car insurance only Classic and Executive Plan car and home insurance Motorcycle and home insurance
Immediate rewards Up to 5% Up to 10% Up to 10% Up to 20% Up to 10%
Rewards for passing
a Tiger Wheel & Tyre Annual MultiPoint check
Up to 12.5% Up to 25% Up to 25% Up to 50% Up to 25%

To qualify for the maximum fuel rewards percentage, you need to pass your Tiger Wheel & Tyre Annual MultiPoint check and to have insured building or household contents or both for a minimum of R250 000.

Every driver can earn up to 1 600 DQ Points per month. This allows you to earn up to R800 in fuel rewards each month on the Classic and Executive Plans. Essential Plan clients can earn up to R400 in fuel rewards every month. The more DQ Points you earn, the higher your Vitalitydrive status. The four Vitalitydrive statuses are Base (up to 299 DQ Points), Neutral (300 to 599 DQ Points), Engaged(600 to 999 DQ Points) and Advanced (1 000 to 1 600 DQ Points). The higher your Vitalitydrive status, the greater your rewards.

Here’s a summary of your DQ Points-earning activities:

Earning DQ Points Opportunities Monthly DQ Points
Driver behaviour Driver performance score 0 to 850
Personal goals(which you'll select quarterly) 50
Claim free years: One 25
Claim free years: Two 75
Claim free years: Three or more 200
Knowledge and awareness Online driver assessment 50 for 12 months
Driving courses Up to 150 for 24 months
EyeGym: Primary course Up to 50 for 12 months
EyeGym: Advanced course 100 for 12 months
Vehicle safety Passing the Tiger Wheel Tyres Annual MultiPoint check Up to 100 for 12 months
Service history up to date 50 for 12 months
Total   1600

If you purchase fuel at BP or Shell and make use of the Gautrain, we’ll reward you on your total monthly combined spend. You can also choose to have your fuel rewards doubled and paid into your Excess Funder Account.

How do I win a  free tank of fuel with 5 Star Days?

You could win up to a free tank of fuel for achieving a 5 Star trip on the day you fill up at BP or Shell. You’ll receive the good news by SMS.

Click here to see all the winners and to find out more.

Can I switch between getting the cash fuel rewards and the Excess Funder Account booster?

Yes, you can switch between getting your fuel rewards paid into your premium paying bank account and having them doubled and added to your Excess Funder Account on a monthly basis.

Call us on 0860 751 751 to switch between these two reward options.

Learn more about fuel rewards and the Excess Funder Account.

Where can I see my fuel rewards and/or my Excess Funder Account balance?

You can see your fuel rewards or Excess Funder Account balance here.

How do I get the Tiger Wheel & Tyre discount?

All you need to do to save up to 15% at Tiger Wheel & Tyre is show your Vitalitydrive card. The discount is based on your Vitalitydrive status.

Essential, Classic and Executive Plans
Vitalitydrive status Discount
Advanced 15%
Engaged 10%
Neutral 5%
Base 2.5%

Dynamic Plan discount is based on DQ points

DQ Points Tiger Wheel & Tyre discount
701 - 850 12%
601 -700 11%
501 - 600 10%
401 - 500 9%
351 - 400 8%
0 - 350 0%

The Vitalitydrive discount is limited to a maximum purchase of R5000 per transaction and, also limited to a total spend of R10 000 per month, irrespective of invoice value.

If Tiger Wheel & Tyre has reduced its prices nationwide, you will still get the up to 15% Vitalitydrive discount. However, if there is an in-store promotion specific to a particular store, the Vitalitydrive discount will not apply. The discount can be redeemed with any form of payment, excluding American Express cards, Diners Club cards, ABSA Rewards cards and UCount Rewards cards.

This discount does not apply to the R95 fee you need to pay for your Annual MultiPoint check and may not be combined with any other discount or cash back offer from Tiger Wheel & Tyre.