Your guide to investing


Whether you want to invest and grow your wealth, or plan for your retirement, there is much to learn about how to invest your money if you want to achieve your goals. Moreover, you will need to be prepared, motivated, disciplined and focused if you are to succeed.

Discovery has developed three modules designed to teach you all you need to know about the ins and outs of wealth building and investing money for your retirement. These modules are designed to provide you with the knowledge required to understand key concepts like compound interest, market volatility, diversification, risk and inflation.

Learning about wealth creation and planning for retirement


Module 1

Get the basics right

Get a basic understanding of your financial understanding, how compound interest works, how to choose the best vehicle for your retirement savings and how to catch up on your retirement if you started late.


Module 2

Stay the course

Once you have a basic understanding of how the investment world works, you can learn how to navigate market volatility, work out investment costs, calculate your net worth and understand short- and long-term retirement strategies.


Module 3

Taste success

This module will teach you how to increase your wealth, focusing on analysing investments, give you practical retirement tips from successful retirees and how to continue making money after you retire.

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