Tools and Calculators

Risk portrait

Everyone feels differently about risk, so it is important to understand your attitude to risk when choosing which investment is best for you. The risk portrait helps determine your attitude to risk.

Portfolio analyser

This tool allows you to set up hypothetical investment portfolios, which will enable you to track the historic performance and risk of your chosen funds. You can perform a range of analyses – including risk-return, fund, sector and correlation analysis.

Market indicators

No matter how sound your investments are, there will be periods where even these will fluctuate in value. This can make measuring your portfolio’s performance more difficult, and is the reason why benchmarks, in the form of market indicators, are so popular.

Interactive fund fact sheets

The interactive fund fact sheets tool offers not only a consolidated view of how your chosen fund is performing when compared directly with the sector average, but also the ability to determine the fund’s performance over various periods by plotting it on a graph.

Fund search and compare

You can use the fund search and compare tool to search for funds on Discovery Invest’s platform and compare the historic performance of a variety of funds in order to provide you with a clearer idea of which funds to invest in.

Budgeting tool

To create and build your wealth, you need to work out how much money you are able to invest after your expenses. You can use this tool to work out exactly how much you can afford to invest.

Retirement calculator

Our Retirement Calculator allows you to work out whether you are saving enough to achieve your future retirement goals. You can enter details such as your age and when you plan to retire, to work out how much you should save to reach your goals.

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