Get more peace of mind with gap cover from Discovery

Anyone who has ever been affected by a serious hospital stay or illness like cancer, will tell you that their first priority is to get healthy again. Shortfalls in medical scheme cover is the last thing anyone wants to worry about. To give our clients the peace of mind and added security when they need it most, we now offer Discovery Gap Cover and Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover. Discovery has now combined its insurance and healthcare expertise to bring you an innovative, cost-effective solution that provides additional financial protection against these unforeseen costs.

Why gap cover from Discovery

Discovery Gap Cover covers shortfalls on specialist accounts for hospital admissions, shortfalls for specific treatment before and after hospital admissions, as well as additional funds for cancer treatment. Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover provides financial support for high-cost treatments related to severe illness, genome sequencing for more personalised cancer treatment, and home support and continuation of medical scheme membership.

The gap cover options also integrate with other insurance benefits to offer richer health protection, value and overall security. Designed to identify gaps in hospital or illness cover from claims recorded on the medical scheme system, Discovery Gap Cover automatically comes into play as soon as claims associated with a hospital admission have been paid.

Key benefits of Discovery Gap Cover

Discovery Gap Cover offers cover for potential specialist-account shortfalls, additional funds to pay for specific in- and out-of-hospital expenses, such as rehabilitation and take-home medicine, and cover for extended oncology treatment. The Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover also rewards specific behaviour that can positively influence risk with an annual PayBack of up to 25% of premiums. In the event of severe illness or cancer, this option offers a lump-sum payment of up to R500 000 to use for the latest treatment or funding of other associated costs. It also offers comprehensive premium protectors for continued membership of a medical scheme, and R10 000 a month as supplementation of income to support the household.

“Not to be seen as replacements for medical scheme cover, clients have additional cover that works with their medical scheme benefits to offer an extra layer of insurance against unexpected health-related expenses.”

Cover from R65 a month!

Starting at R65 a month for Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover and R130 a month for Discovery Gap Cover, Discovery’s gap cover options supplement and extend certain health insurance options at a cost-effective premium.

Premiums are based on the individual’s circumstances and is in line with short-term insurance and life insurance pricing principles.  There are certain requirements on application, and waiting periods may apply based on the health plan at the time of activating the cover.

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